Capability Statement

We supply single phase and multi-phase transformers according to customers’ requirements. Our products cover dry type transformers under 500kva and under 11kv. We would like to help customers to figure out the requirements of the transformers they need

Company Name: Star Delta Pty Ltd
Company Founded: 1969
Base: Yennora, NSW
Company Vision:

To be part of a better future for our customers and employees by understanding and solving customers
needs and problems.

We choose to “Do as we say, and say as we do
This helps create a culture of accountability, to ensure that the customer is always treated with upfront honesty and transparency, helping achieve the desired outcomes with a mutual understanding between us, the supplier and our customers.

Company Capability:

Design, manufacture and supply various transformer solutions, including sourcing large power transformers for local application
Star Delta have acquired ABW Engineering and Hunter Transformers over a period of time
global mark iso rating
transformer earthing coils
inside of a transformer
highly efficient current transformer
power transformers

Tel: 61 (02) 9681 0700
Fax: 61 (02) 9681 4304 17 Antill St, Yennora, 2161 PO Box 111, Guildford, 2161