Motor Starting Solutions



We have a wide range of motor-starting auto transformers, manufactured to comply with the requirements of AS.1202-1976. All standard ratings come with standard voltage tappings of 50 – 65 – 80%, 415 – 440 Volts, 50 Hz.

Our range is manufactured in two or three coil configurations, and of types suitable for Korndorfer/ three/four step connection (climbing star point).

Duty classifications for, equally spaced, starts not exceeding 15 second duration are:

  • Class 0.03 – 3 starts per hour.
  • Class 0.10 – 12 starts per hour.
  • Class 0.30 – 30 starts per hour.

All coils are provided with facilities for fitting of winding temperature sensing protection devices. Normally ‘closed’ or ‘open’ micro thermostats, or P.T.C. thermistors may be fitted on request.

Tunnel type connection terminals are fitted to all transformers up to and including 30kW (Class 0.03) and bolting type tag connections are provided on larger sizes.

Variations to standard production types will be quoted on request and manufactured with the minimum delivery delay.